PAINCAVE is the place where a grueling workout intended to make you a better athlete takes place. PAINCAVE, upon launch in January 2013 will be the most dynamic approach to fitness training available anywhere. PAINCAVE has created an inspirational approach to fitness that will change people’s lives by improving their individual health and well-being.

PAINCAVE programs will provide 20 to 120 minutes of interactive training for both cycling and running using footage from a fitness studio, the “PAINCAVE,” integrated with footage from the greatest races in the world. Members will follow elite athletes in workouts designed for and modeled after inspirational sporting events. The programming will be HD quality and will be available to members through the media device of their choosing.

The goal for PAINCAVE is stated in its tagline “Life’s Change Agent.” Every person that participates in a sport or wants to improve his or her life can benefit from some element of PAINCAVE programming. PAINCAVE will go beyond runners and bikers - golfers, skiers, tennis players, soccer players, any sport, any athlete and anyone trying to improve their fitness level and/or quality of life can improve through PAINCAVE.

Within PAINCAVE, we will form a community where members have the opportunity to interact with other members, coaches, the PAINCAVE ALL- STARS, and other contributors. By combining the social experience and interactive workouts the PAINCAVE community will be embraced, strengthened, and grow.

Programming will be continually updated with fresh race content, training videos, and other enhancements. Beyond launch we will constantly work with our membership to improve the PAINCAVE experience through additional programming content, the opportunity for personalized training, PAINCAVE sponsored events, and more.